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Investment Services

Investment Services

Step 1: What are your GOALS? NEEDS?

1. Retire at 65
2. Debt-free in 5 years
3. Buy a car every 10 years until age 70
4. Sell my business in 3 years or less
5. Establish an account for medical expenses
6. Within 12 months, establish a savings account equal to 6 months income

Step 2: Which of these goals or needs are most important? PRIORITIZE

Step 3: Inventory your financial situation

1. Estimate income before taxes
2. Estimate expenses (including taxes)
3. Total debt balance
4. Total investment/savings balance
5. Insurance
    a. Auto/ Home/ Liability
    b. Life
    c. Health
    d. Disability
    e. Long-Term Care

Step 4: Partner with a Financial Professional

Call our office, 503-842-8213, and set an appointment with our financial advisor, Steve Dutton. Steve will help you create a strategy to reach your goals and satisfy your needs. Start today!

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